Who We Are

Who We Are

GLOSIPAD is a Civil Society Organization, which is now establishing as the response to humanitarian needs of South Sudanese refugees who are extremely affected by the ongoing civil war in the Republic of South Sudan.  The organization is working closely with community leaders to address the community demands in area of humanitarian assistance to South Sudanese refugees in diaspora as well as in South Sudan. South Sudanese intellectuals recommended that GLOSIPAD be established, be registered, and be referred to as Global Society Initiative for Peace and Democracy (GLOSIPAD), which will undertake the responsibilities of providing the humanitarian projects in areas of its programmatic focus in refugees camps in  Uganda.


Our vision is to see a peaceful, harmonious and self-sustaining community where all the refugees are fully empowered in Society.


Our mission is to promote reconciliation and peace building, advocacy, democratic governance for a peaceful, harmonious and self-sustaining society


“Making Peace a Reality”.


We commit ourselves to live up to the highest ideals of good governance and to seek to be trustworthy, respectful, honest and socially responsible. Therefore, we:

  • Promote and pursue excellence;
  • Encourage the people to have close relationship with God
  • Operate to the highest levels of accountability and transparency;
  • Act at all times with the highest degree of honesty and integrity;
  • Perform to the highest measures of competence and professionalism;
  • Promote at all times the virtues of meritocracy and fair play;
  • Exhibit a sense of high responsibility within the society;
  • Perform at all times to the highest satisfaction of our key customers;
  • Institute measures aimed at satisfying stakeholders; and
  • Promote equal opportunities for all.


Global Society Initiative for Peace and Democracy (GLOSIPAD) is a Civil Society Organization, which is legally registered and incorporated under the Uganda Company Act 2012 with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Government of the Republic of Uganda. The registration Number is 80020000359469. It is also duly registered in 2016 by National Bureau for NGOs Board under ministry of internal Affairs in Republic of Uganda and also registered under South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Republic of South Sudan.


The goal is to have a peaceful society that focuses on social relationships and empower vulnerable groups; women, girls, child-headed and grandparent-headed families.


  • To promote the rule of law and democracy.
  • To protect and promote the principles of Human Rights and Good Governance.
  • To help the vulnerable groups such as women, youths, Girl child, elderly, orphans  and refugees
  • To build various developmental projects such schools and the health facilities.
  • To promote reconciliation and peace building among the communities and their neighbours through capacity building and dialogues.
  • To increase awareness and community mobilization in support of Girl child education and participation in developmental projects.
  • To promote and support good hygiene & sanitation practices, safe and clean drinking water initiatives in the communities.
  • Provide the basic services to widows, orphans, refugees and poor families.
  • To promote training of women, youths and refugees on technical skills and Income Generating Activities (IGAs).
  • To initiate and support health, education, agriculture, technology and water provision to the communities.
  • To empower youth with entrepreneurial, self-realization, resource mobilization and fund raising skills.
  • To cushion children in vulnerable circumstances from undue influence and give them a chance to grow up as productive citizens, particularly former child soldiers.
  • To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by increasing availability of Data on Youth and Poverty; Youth Engagement in Poverty Reduction Strategy Processes (PRSPs); Youth and Rural Development.